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Best 11 Lego Sets from Super Hero & Fantasy Movies

Legos sure have come a long way since we were kids… Check out these 11 geeky lego sets inspired by Super Hero movies, Star Wars, Harry Potter & more! Let’s be honest: while Legos have always been beyond awesome, they were nowhere near as cool back when we were kids. Sure, every once in a […]

The Best 6 Halloween Science Experiments for the Whole Geeky Family

Halloween is a time for dressing up in scary costumes and eating awesomely bad foods, but it’s also an opportunity to do some learning! A little while back we presented 6 science experiments you could easily do with your little geeks to have fun while teaching them a thing or two about how this world […]

Best 16 Halloween Houses for Geeky Families

One of the best things about Halloween is that it can be celebrated in so many ways. You get to watch killer TV specials and movies, you get to ingest a horribly wonderful amount of wonderfully horrible sweets, you get to dress up your family, dress up your pets, and if you’re really down with […]

The 22 All-Time Cutest Halloween Costumes for Geeky Babies

A baby’s first year has many milestones: Walking, crawling, eating… And also, HALLOWEEN! We’ve compiled the cutest Halloween costumes for geeky babies. My son is only 7 months old and seems like the PERFECT age for an adorable, geeky costume. We’re hoping to dress up as one giant geeky family, but if all else fails, […]

13 Geektastic Halloween Costume Ideas for Families with Young’ns

Need help planning your family’s Halloween costumes? Look no further! Here are 13 funtastically geeky Halloween costume ideas for the entire family. We’re all about Halloween here on Geeks Raising Geeks right now and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s my favorite time of year–as those of you who’ve read some of my other articles, […]

13 Classic Halloween Episodes to Scare (and Tickle) the Geeky Family

Halloween has got to be, far and away, one of the coolest holidays of the year. We get candy. We get to dress up in outrageous costumes without recrimination (unless you’re choosing to go out in public as a “sexy girl scout” because, come on, that’s just plain wrong). We get to dress our pets […]

Nintendo 2DS Survival Guide (For Parents)

Has your child been hounding you for the most recent handheld upgrade: the Nintendo 3DS? Nintendo is soon to release a cheaper alternative to this astounding handheld: the Nintendo 2DS. Though, is the handheld even worth the price? In this article, we discuss the relative pros and cons of this new addition to the DS […]

Best 28 Geeky Pumpkins Ever Carved: Ideas for You & Your Geek

Need pumpkin carving inspiration? Below you will discover the 28 best geeky pumpkins ever carved! The leaves are turning and falling, way-edited-down horror flicks are popping up on basic cable, and specialty stores are doing a brisk trade in fake blood. You know what this means: HALLOWEEN’S COMING!!! What better way to prepare for the […]

Top 8 Costumes for Geeky Pets

Are you ready for Halloween? Or better yet, is your PET ready for Halloween? Check out these geeky pet costumes for ideas & inspiration before the 31st. So, after countless hours preparing your children, your spouse, and yourself for the spookiest night of the year, you have one family member left to prepare: your pet! […]

Best 6 Educational iPhone Apps

Discover the best educational iPhone apps to help your elementary aged kids learn! Reading, writing, math, science, & dinosaurs galore! Remember when we were in school and the only real tools we had for studying were paper, pencils, protractors, and clunky calculators? Or, even worse, we had to trust our parents to know the answers? […]