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Minecraft: The Sandbox Game for Parents and Children Alike

Minecraft is one of the best video games to play as a family. Learn the benefits of playing Minecraft with your children & what it can teach your kids. After surfing the internet for long enough, it’s difficult for the geeky adult (Geekus Oldus) to not see a screenshot or two of the game Minecraft. […]

The Importance of Bedtime Stories

There is one thing I know for sure: books rock. I don’t care how cool the latest Kindle Fire or iPod happens to be; nothing can replace the look, feel, smell and experience of books. As our children’s lives become more twitterized, you-tubed, minecrafted and social networked, many turn their noses up at the thought […]

Top 7 Ridiculously Cool Geeky & Nerdy Backpacks

Before your kids’ definition of what’s cool changes drastically from super geeky goodness to high fashion weirdness, take the opportunity to dress up your little student’s style with these geeky & nerdy backpacks. From Star Wars to Super Mario, TMNT to Tetris, these packs will blow the minds of geeks of all ages (including you!). […]

5 Fictional Characters Your Geeky Kids Should Admire & Emulate

It takes a while for kids to define themselves in school. They have to go through a variety of twists and turns in their personalities before discovering Who They Are. This is natural. This is not to be feared. (Though it probably IS to be watched…) When doing this, kids will often choose other people […]

Best 12 Books That Every Geeky Parent Should Share With Their Kids

There’s nothing like sharing the magic of a classic book with your kid. Here’s our list of the 12 best books you should read with your little Geek. School’s in session by now for most kids around the country. This means parents get to clean grass stains off denim knees, hear nothing more than “stuff” […]

ChooseCo Choose ‘Toons Kickstarter Campaign Abruptly Ends

ChooseCo, the company behind Choose Your Own Adventure books, has abruptly ended their Kickstarter campaign. Our exclusive scoop tells you why… Last month we shared with you how ChooseCo, the company behind ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels, had launched a Kickstarter campaign to get enough crowdfunding so they could bring CYOA novels to mobile devices. […]

Top 7 Geeky Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Send your kid back to school in style with one of these geeky lunch box ideas. From R2-D2 to old school NES lunch boxes, your geek will rule their school! This is Peter’s first article for Geeks Raising Geeks. Welcome to the family, Peter! You can learn more about Peter at his author page here. Having […]