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Best 6 Science Experiments in Under an Hour

Some of the coolest guys and gals of fiction are scientists, so it’s no surprise at all if your kid shows some interest in experimentation and scientific innovation at a young age. I mean, come on: Bruce Banner. Spock. Mr. Wizard. Doc Brown. Bill Nye. These guys rocked my world in the formative years, and […]

Best 8 Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Themed Gifts

From Hobbit Holes to a Sting replicas, here are 8 great Hobbit & Lord of the Rings themed gifts for your little Tolkienists and Hobbiteers. If your kid is a huge Hobbit fan–or if that’s just the excuse you make in order to hoard Hobbit-themed goodies for yourself–then I’ve got a rundown of the best […]

Top 7 Worst Action Hero Role Models

Action movies are fun and their heroes are generally men and women we love to idolize. Their strength, integrity, nobility, courage, wisdom and general bad-assery are traits we wish we could harness. But not all action heroes and heroines are worthy role models for our children. In fact, some of them are downright awful. Before […]

ChooseCo Introduces ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books to the 21st Century

You face a crossroads: Left, you help bring Choose Your Own Adventure Books to mobile devices. Right, you’re saddled with eternal guilt for not shelling out a few bucks and helping the cause. Which way will you choose? Chooseco, the company behind the most awesome books of your childhood, has announced plans to reboot CYOA […]

6 Lessons On How to Be a Gentleman From Super Mario Brothers

Want your kid to learn how to be a gentleman? To grow up brave, chivalrous & romantic? Then introduce him to Super Mario! Super Mario is a wonderful role model to kids of all ages. But for the child who wishes to grow up to be a true gentleman, Super Mario is perhaps the best […]

Best 15 Geeky iPhone Cases

We’ve set our geek-dars to ‘awesome’ & homed in on the best 15 iPhone cases for geeks of all shapes & sizes. Start your iPhone case shopping here. No one takes the time to choose a case for their iPhones that illustrates their personality so stylishly and specifically as do the Brother- and Sisterhood of […]

Best 15 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Graphic Novels for Kids (And the Whole Family)

Time for a confession: I didn’t read a lot of comics growing up. I had no one to introduce them to me. Nor was there this awesome list of the best fantasy/scifi graphic novels for kids that my parents could reference. But being an avid fan of the medium now, I wish to Odin my […]

How to Raise Your Kid to Be Like Indiana Jones

The fedora. The leather jacket. The travel-worn satchel. The bullwhip. The holy-freakin-grail. You know you’ve always wanted to be Indiana Jones, that archaeologist, professor, adventurer and heroic finder of lost antiquities. C’mon. ¬†You know you did. And when you found yourself settling down to a life far less dangerous, though no less gratifying, you weren’t […]