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Best Baby Monitors for Geeky Parents

We’re good parents who love our kids and want them to be safe. We want to monitor them when they’re sleeping in another room to make sure they STAY safe. But we’re also geeks, so we want to monitor them with STYLE. Fortunately, our technophile tendencies can be total satisfied by any number of modern […]

Why You Should Play the Super Mario Memory Game With Your Kid

Excelling in STEM subjects is crucial to any Geek’s development. And as a parent, there are loads of fun activities we can do together with our little Geeks to help instill confidence and excitement in STEM fields. Whether it’s GoldiBlox for your little girl or programming a BioLoid robot with your little boy, the options […]

GoldieBlox: A Toy Designed to Excite Girls About Engineering

If you work in technology or engineering, you can probably count your female co-workers on one hand (seriously. Only 11% of all engineers are woman. That means if you work in a 50 person company, you will be lucky to have 6 female co-workers). GoldieBlox is a toy that’s engineering to change that. In the […]

Turn Your Kid Into a Fly Hunting Superhero With the Bug-A-Salt Gun

The Bug-A-Salt gun is a kinda-sorta toy gun designed to kill flies by shooting table salt at them. It is a pump-action, shotgun style gun that loads pinches of table salt with each reload. Pull the trigger and BAM! Down goes the flies. While it seems a little hokey, it works. But better yet, this […]

A Fantasy-Themed, Augmented Reality Miniatures Board Game? YES, Please!

What do you get when you cross Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan and a visionary board game creator? Darkling Plain, which stands to be the world’s first Augmented Reality miniatures board game. What does that mean? Augmented Reality, or AR, is when you take a real-world environment and supplement/augment the reality using a device. […]

How to Paint Your Kid’s Room

Anyone can paint their kid’s room, right? Hustle to Home Depot, pick a color, buy paint and paintbrushes. Simple enough. But like programming, you can tell the amateurs from the auteurs when looking at the finer details. As a Geeky parent, you must equip yourself with the proper tool-belt for this job. With the right tools, you’ll […]

Top 11 l337 Video Game Baby Onesies

There’s no better time to train the next generation of leet gamers than right out of the womb. Level your baby up with these video game baby onesies! The best way to ensure prompt acceptance into the Kingdom of Geeks is dressing your baby in a video game onesie, snapping as many photos as possible, […]

How to Decorate a Lord of the Rings Themed Kids Room

Does your little Geek pine over the next installment of The Hobbit? Do they chase their little sister around the house, swinging a fake axe, wearing a fake beard, and blabbering about how elves aren’t allowed in his land? If that’s the case, perhaps they’d love their room decorated in a Lord of the Rings […]

Top 11 Worst Geeky Movie Sequels That You Should Never Show Your Kid

The year was 1999. My cousin and I were both wide-eyed, pimply high school Freshman, trying to figure out what to do with ourselves on a muggy Spring day in Manhattan. “I hear there’s some cool sci-fi movie out. Let’s go see it. AC, yo,” my cousin suggested. “What’s it called?” “Umm…”, he thumbed through […]