Is there Anything Cooler than a Hot Tub Hammock? Definitely Not.

The Hydro Hammock Is this the best invention of all time? We think it might be. On Kickstarter right now (of course it's already been fully funded and then some) is the Hydro Hammock, which is, yes, A HOT TUB IN A HAMMOCK. Is there anyone in the … [Read More...]

Teach Fiscal Responsibility with the Digital Money Counting Jar

Digital Money Counting Jar Growing up, almost all of us had a piggy bank or something similar. When you're a kid, collecting even a few extra pennies, nickels, and dimes is a big deal. While these tiny banks rarely add up to any significant money, … [Read More...]

Make Your House More Awesome with a Pirate Ship Playhouse

Pirate Ship Playhouse If your kids are big fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, or if you're just looking for an awesome upgrade to your backyard or pool, it's high time you considered getting yourself an epic, custom-made Pirate Ship Playhouse from … [Read More...]

Take Your Family to the New Legoland Hotel!

Legoland Hotel Opens in Florida You now have another option for an awesome, geeky family trip. Legoland Florida, the largest Legoland in the world has recently added onto their theme park big time, most notably by opening up a 152-room Lego-themed … [Read More...]

Jam Out with these Epic Star Wars Guitars!

Star Wars Electric Guitars The music we listen to today may be a little different than what Luke Skywalker and Co. listened to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but that doesn't mean that Star Wars shouldn't be a part of contemporary music. … [Read More...]

Jump More Safely with the Springfree Trampoline!

The Springfree Trampoline Trampolines are an essential part of childhood. Almost all of us remember a favorite summer or two of our youth spent jumping around and playing games on a trampoline in the baking sun. Naturally, your kids will want to … [Read More...]

Let Your Kids Showcase Their Favorite Items in the Air with the Levitron Revolution Platform

Levitron Revolution Platform Every kid has a few special possessions that he or she wants to show off to the world. Whether it's a favorite action figure, unique memorabilia, or a special gift from mom and dad, certain items just have more meaning … [Read More...]

Cloak Your Little Jedi in a Yoda Bath Towel

Yoda Bath Towel Your kids are already incredibly cute - you know that. Your kids are also being trained to be little geeks. The best things happen when cute and geeky collide, making you realize just how adorable your geeky kids can be. One … [Read More...]

Make Getting Out of Bed Easier with the Target Practice Alarm Clock

Target Practice Alarm Clock Are you and your family members having trouble getting out of bed? Are your kids late for school because they press snooze two or three times on their alarm clocks in the morning? Especially when your kids are teenagers, … [Read More...]

Let Your Son Get Fast and Furious with the Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT

Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT Here at Geeks Raising Geeks, we believe that there are plenty of non-geeky things in life that can still excite you and your children. Even if your kids can quote every line of The Hobbit and sleep in a room designed to look … [Read More...]

The Geek Nerd Clock: Tell Time with Geek Knowledge!

The Geek Nerd Clock Time. It's something that's all around us, dictating the course of our lives at every step. While your children may fully not appreciate the concept of time at a young age, they will certainly learn how to tell time in short … [Read More...]

Lifetrons Multitool: The Swiss Army Knife for Geeks

Lifetrons Multitool Swiss Army Knives are famous for their ability to take on a wide range of tasks, with all of the bells and whistles tucked away in a tiny device. While having a bunch of knives and saws and scissors and toothpicks at your … [Read More...]

Teach Your Kids How to Break Codes with the Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher

Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher The best kind of toys for your kids are those that are fun and educational. If you can give your kids toys that help them improve critical thinking skills and the like while they're entertaining themselves, you know you … [Read More...]

Geek Up Your Summer Fun with the Inflatable Star Wars Landspeeder!

Inflatable Star Wars Landspeeder Summer continues to draw closer, and we have even more awesome, geeky products to show you that are guaranteed to make your summer a little bit more awesome. Today's summertime toy worth showcasing is the … [Read More...]

Your Kids will Love Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Balls!

The Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball Kids are always looking for fun new games to play, and parents are always looking for activities that will tire their children out and make them a little more tranquil. This is why outdoor, active activities are a … [Read More...]