Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q: A Different Breed of Remote-Controlled Car

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.46.48 PM

You probably had a remote-controlled car or two as a child. Every kid loves to drive around a toy vehicle, ramming it into furniture, artwork, and the legs of adults. But the remote-controlled cars you had as a kid could certainly not be … [Read More...]

Rejoice: RocketSkates are Here!


A concept once left to the wild imagination of children's cartoons and science fiction flicks is now a complete reality. Meet RocketSkates, the new, Kickstarted-funded innovation from California company Acton, Inc. Acton began the process towards … [Read More...]

Wage Geek Warfare with the Electronic FPS Laser Battle Jacket


Stumped about what to do with your little geek this weekend? How about declaring futuristic war over the fate of the galactic multi-verse using only laser guns in a science fiction deathmatch? Yep, sound good to me, too. With a couple … [Read More...]

Buying the Best Next-Gen Gaming Console for Your Little Geeks


We geeks do love gaming, don't we? Whether it's playing virtual soccer, football or baseball, or getting slicey-dicey with goblins, goliaths, and Ganons, video games are a huge part of geek culture. And with such awesome next-generation consoles … [Read More...]

How to Watch Cartoons Without Cable


No cable? No problem! Here are the best ways to watch cartoons without cable so you & your little geeks can enjoy Saturday morning cartoons together (or Monday, or Tuesday or... well, any day of the week!). Status: you and your little geeks … [Read More...]

Best of Etsy’s Geeky Teething Rings and Toys


If you're a brand new parent, you probably have your hands full 24 hours a day with all kinds of baby-related goodness. But in the back of your mind, you've got to be just biding your time, waiting with bated breath for the moment when you can start … [Read More...]

New Street Fighter Chess Set: Sonic Booming with Your Wits


Hadouken! With the uber-fantastic Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set, you can cherish the memories of your favorite video game characters, while introducing your little geeks to the world's oldest, most intelligent board game. Introducing the … [Read More...]

Building Your Own Galaxy Review: Helping Kids Create Geeky Lego-verses


If your little geeks have seen The Lego Movie (which they totally should have by now--it's so good!),  then I bet they've been begging you for their very own Lego collection. That business is BOOMING right now! So why not relent? Do it! And when … [Read More...]

Best 12 Graphic Novels for Budding Girl Geeks


If your little girl looks to be becoming as big a geek as you are, perhaps it's time to introduce her to the wonderful world of graphic novels. And here's 12 books she won't be able to put down! Before we begin, though, a brief (ish) … [Read More...]

Top 6 Movies to Get You Through the Polar Vortex


Looking for a way to stop going nuts about the Polar Vortex raging outside your home? Check out these 6 movies that'll cheer up the entire geeky family. There's not much that everyone can agree on these days. But there is our mutual hatred, … [Read More...]

Geek Out with The Super Book for Super-Heroes!


The Super Book for Super-Heroes is an enormously fun book about creating super-powered characters that the whole geeky family will enjoy! In a previous Geeks Raising Geeks article, we talked about how you can raise your kid to become a superhero. We … [Read More...]

This Geek is Nuts: Let Steve Casino Inspire Your Artistic Geeky Family!


Artist Steve Casino has gone nutty. He's taken peanut shells and colors (and small wood carvings for some appendages and hair) and created some of the most fantastically, wonderfully, magnificently geeky 3D paintings in the history of the … [Read More...]

Nike Air Back to the Future-Style Self-Lacing Sneakers Coming in 2015!


Hail, fellow McFly fanatics! I'm here to tell you some very exciting news: Nike says we'll be seeing a REAL pair of self-lacing sneakers, like the ones Marty wore in the Back to the Future series, hitting the shelves by 2015! Seriously! If that … [Read More...]

Top 6 Old-School Board Games Your Little Geeks Will Love

Operation 2

If you want a good old-fashioned geeky-family-bonding experience, look no further than the top shelf of your closet, where you keep your old-school board games. Not only are these super fun in a nostalgic way, but they're also truly great games that … [Read More...]

Boldly Go (to Sleep) with this Star Trek Projection Clock!


Looking for a new bedside alarm clock? How about one shaped like the USS Enterprise? With sounds from the original Star Trek series? With a time projector?! With this other-worldly-awesome Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock, you and your … [Read More...]